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Resolutions are agreements, proposals or documents that have been adopted by the City Council.
~If you would like information prior to 2005, please contact the City Clerk's office

Resolution No. 11-779
(RESCINDED 01/05/2012)
Authorizing an Interlocal Agreement with the Community Facilities District 2011-1
Resolution No. 11-778 Accepting the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program Grant
Resolution No. 11-777

Authorizing an Interlocal Agreement with King County for Jail Services

Resolution No. 11-776 Authorizing the Purchase of a New 2012 Chevrolet Tahoe for the K-9 Police Unit
Resolution No. 11-775 Accepting the 2011 Pavement Patching Project for Lawson Street at Newcastle Drive Intersection
Resolution No. 11-774 Authorizing an Interlocal Agreement with Covington and Maple Valley for Goods and Services
Resolution No. 11-773 Authorizing a Prosecution Services Contract with Kara Murphy Richards
Resolution No. 11-772 Authorizing a 2012-2013 Contract for Legal Services with Kenyon Disend, PLLC
Resolution No. 11-771 Reconfirming Appointments of the Members of the Planning Commission
Resolution No. 11-770
(RESCINDED 01/05/2012)
Authorizing the Formation of the Community Facilities District 2011-1 (Adopted 12/27/2011)
Resolution No. 11-769 Authorizing the Regional Affordable Housing Program Interlocal Agreement
Resolution No. 11-768 Regarding Final Acceptance of the Boat Launch Reconstruction Project at Lake Sawyer
Resolution No. 11-767 Regarding Final Acceptance of the SE 288th Street Overlay Project
Resolution No. 11-766
(Amended Ex. A - 10/4/11)
Suspending a Portion of the Rules and Establishing New Rules for the Closed Record Hearings
Resolution No. 11-765 Amending the City Fee Schedule
Resolution No. 11-764A Awarding Low Bid on the 2011 Overlay Project on Lawson Street at Newcastle Intersection to Lakeridge Paving Co., LLC
Resolution No. 11-764
Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Parametrix in the Development of Design and Bid Material for the Roberts Drive Sidewalk Project
Resolution No. 11-763 Awarding Low Bid on the Boat Launch Reconstruction Project at Lake Sawyer to Pivetta Brothers Construction, Inc.
Resolution No. 11-762 Authorizing Additional Funding for Change Order and Other Contingency Costs for the SE 288th Street Overlay Project
Resolution No. 11-761 Authorizing the Purchase Agreement for Two Six Foot Park Benches from Cascade Recreation for the Regional Park
Resolution No. 11-760 Adopting a Capital Improvement Plan for the Years 2012-2017
Resolution No. 11-759 Authorizing Special Event Permit for Lake Sawyer Community Club Fourth of July Activites
Resolution No. 11-758 Authorizing Purchase of a Topcon GRS-1 GPS System
Resolution No. 11-757 Authorizing Interlocal Agreement with Fish and Wildlife for Boat Launch Improvements
Resolution No. 11-756 Awarding Small Works Overlay Contract to Watson Asphalt Co., Inc.
Resolution No. 11-755 Adopting 2012-2017 Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program
Resolution No. 11-754 Authorizing Interlocal Agreement for South End ARCH, A Regional Coalition for Housing
Resolution No. 11-753 Authorizing Amendment No. 1 to King County Contract for I-Net Services
Resolution No. 11-752 Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Henderson, Young & Company to Develop Fire Protection
Skipped Res. No. 11-751  
Resolution No. 11-750 Final Acceptance of the Morgan Street Sidewalk Project
Resolution No. 11-749 Adopting 2011 Annual Stormwater Management Program
Resolution No. 11-748 Authorizing Agreement with AllianceOne Collection Agency
Resolution No. 11-747 Authorizing Amendment No. 2 to Agreement No. G1000441 with Department of Ecology-Coordinated Prevention Grant Program
Resolution No. 11-746 Authorizing a Technical Services Agreement with King County for Lake Monitoring Services
Resolution No. 11-745 Authorizing Slope Mower Purchase for Public Works
Resolution No. 11-744 Authorizing Basic Life Support Reimbursement for EMS
Resolution No. 11-743 Authorizing Interlocal Agreement with South Correctional Entity (SCORE) for Jail Services
Resolution No. 11-742 Authorizing the XTERRA- Black Diamond Special Event
Resolution No. 11-741 Authorizing an Interlocal Agreement with the City of Covington
Resolution No. 11-740 Amending Fee Schedule Regarding Passport Fees
Resolution No. 11-739 Authorizing Sorci Lease Agreement - City Hall
Resolution No. 11-738 Authorizing Sorci Lease Agreement - Modulars
Resolution No. 11-737 Regarding Growth Board Decision
Resolution No. 11-736 Authorizing RH2 Amendment No. 1 to Professional Services Agreement
Resolution No. 11-735 Updating the City's Official Fee Schedule
Resolution No. 11-734 Consulting Agreement with Interactive Pipe Inspection for Infiltration and Inflow Inspection Services of the City's Sewer System
Resolution No. 11-733 WA. St. Transportation Improvement Board for Construction of a Sidewalk on Roberts Drive Between Morgan Street and the King County Library
Resolution No. 11-732 Memorandum of Agreement with WA. St. Department of Corrections-Jail Work Crew
Resolution No. 11-731 Parametrix Agreement for MPD New Traffic Demand Model
Resolution No. 11-730 Fuel Tax Agreement for FY 2012 Overlay Project
Resolution No. 11-729 Amending Council Rules to Add Committee Meeting Rules
Resolution No. 11-728 Public Health Grant for Spring Recycling Event 2011
Resolution No. 11-727 Tri-Party School Mitigation Agreement between Enumclaw School District and YarrowBay (Lawson Hills and The Villages)
Resolution No. 10-724 Designating Maple Valley / Covington Reporter as City's Official Newspaper for 2011
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