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Permit Center Want to build a house, remodel a kitchen, open a business? The Permit Center provides general information for construction in the City and can guide you to the permits needed for development activity within the city limits.
Inspections Inspection requests, daily inspection schedule, talk to an inspector, general inspection information.
Plan Review Code interpretation, questions on your Geotech or Structural reports.
Code Enforcement Are you concerned how the City looks? Do you have questions about your City or Building codes?
Planning Division For land use issues and or permits.
Planning Commission Access information regarding the Planning Commission and Notices.
Master Planned Development Access information pertaining to the Master Planned Developments.
Development Agreements Access documents and information pertaining to the current Development Agreements.
2015/2016 Comprehensive Plan Update Access documents and information pertaining to the 2015/2016 Comprehensive Plan Update
Natural Resources Working on maintaining and improving natural resources for generations to come.
Citizens Guide to Hearing Examiner Process Hearing Examiner Rules of Practice and Procedure

Parks, Recreation, and Open Space (PROS) Survey -
The City of Black Diamond is updating its PROS Plan and needs your help by filling out the survey and returning it no later than May 28th. Posted 4/23/21 (NEW)

Fee Schedule
Growth Management Act (GMA) - Public Participation Plan - Program Handbook - Posted 03-11-15


Christine Higgins - Permit Technician

Joey Portmann - Planner/Permit Technician

Mona Davis - Community Development Director

Tony Clifton - Building Official

Community Development/ Natural Resources

24301 Roberts Drive
PO Box 599
Black Diamond, WA 98010
(360) 851-4447

Building, Inspections On-site building inspections are generally conducted Monday-Friday from 9-4 p.m.Last one scheduled at 3:30 p.m. Please refer to the building division home page for detailed information.

Permit Center Building Inspection Hours-Refer to Building Division Home Page.

Lookup yourPermit Status on-line.

MPD Noise Control Hotline number: (425) 898-2107


Press Release-Traffic Impacts & Construction Update for Roberts Drive week of 3/6/17-3/10/17. Posted 3-6-17

Press Release-Traffic Impacts & Construction Update for Roberts Drive week of 2/27/17-3/3/17. Posted 2-27-17

Press Release -Traffic Impacts for the Roberts Drive Watermain Constuction Project- Posted 2-21-17

Please note that all Public Notices are available to view on the Public Notice page.

The final decision on Villages Preliminary Plat Phase 2 Plat C has been corrected by the examiner since it was originally submitted to the City on January 27, 2015 at 11:56 AM, through January 28, 2015 at 9:47 AM, for the reasons identified in Footnote 1 to the corrected decision.  All parties of record will be notified of the corrected decision. - Notice of Decision, the Villages MPD PP2C - Final Corrected Decision (Appendices have not been changed, please click on links below.) - Posted 1-28-15

Hearing Examner's Decision (The Villages Preliminary Plat Phase 2 Plat C) Appendix A (Hearing Summary) - Appendix B (Exhibits)- Posted 1-27-15

The Villages Preliminary Plat Phase 2 Plat C
PLN13-0027 - posted 11-25-14 - REVISED 12/10/14 - Revised 12/11/14 - Revised 12/17/14 (new)
Staff Report Updated 12/11/14 Exhibit 1 Exhibit 1a
Exhibit 1b Exhibit 2 Exhibit 3-3a
Exhibit 3b Exhibit 3c Exhibit 3d
Exhibit 3e Exhibit 3f Exhibit 3g
Exhibit 3h Exhibit 3i Exhibit 3j
Exhibit 3k Exhibit 3l Exhibit 3m
Exhibit 3n Exhibit 4 Exhibit 5
Exhibit 6 Exhibit 7 Exhibit 8
Exhibit 9 Exhibit 10 Exhibit 11
Exhibit 12 Exhibit 13 Exhibit 13a
Exhibit 13b Exhibit 13c Exhibit 14
Exhibit 15 Exhibit 16 Exhibit 16a
Exhibit 16b Exhibit 17 Exhibit 17a
Exhibit 18 Exhibit 18a Exhibit 19
Exhibit 19a Exhibit 20 Exhibit 20a
Exhibit 20b Exhibit 20c Exhibit 21
Exhibit 21a Exhibit 22 Exhibit 22a
Exhibit 22b Exhibit 23 Exhibit 23a
Exhibit 24 Exhibit 24a Exhibit 24b
Exhibit 24c Exhibit 24d Exhibit 25
Exhibit 25a Exhibit 25b Exhibit 25c
Exhibit 26 Exhibit 27 Exhibit 28
Exhibit 28a Exhibit 28b Exhibit 28c
Exhibit 28d Exhibit 28e Exhibit 28f
Exhibit 28g (added 12/10/14) Exhibit 29 Exhibit 29a
Exhibit 30 Exhibit 30a Exhibit 30b
Exhibit 30c Exhibit 31 Exhibit 31a
Exhibit 31b Exhibit 32 Exhibit 32a
Exhibit 32b Exhibit 32c Exhibit 33
Exhibit 34 Exhibit 35 Exhibit 36
Exhibit 36a Exhibit 37 Exhibit 38
Exhibit 39 Exhibit 40 Exhibit 41
Exhibit 42 Exhibit 43 Exhibit 44
Exhibit 45 Exhibit 46 Exhibit 47
Exhibit 48 Exhibit 49 Exhibit 50 (added 12/05/14)
Exhibit 51 (added 12/05/14) Exhibit 52 (added 12/05/14) Exhibit 53 (added 12/11/14)
Exhibit 54 (added 12/11/14) Exhibit 55 (added 12/17/14) Exhibit 56 (added 12/17/14)
Exhibit 57 (added 12/17/14) Exhibit 58 (added 12/17/14) Exhibit 59 (added 12/12/14)
Exhibit 60 (added 12/12/14) Exhibit 61 (added 12/12/14) Exhibit 62 (added 12/12/14)
Exhibit 63 (added 12/12/14) Exhibit 64 (added 12/12/14) Exhibit 65 (added 12/12/14)
Exhibit 66 (added 12/12/14) Exhibit 67 (added 12/12/14) Exhibit 68 (added 12/12/14)
Exhibit 69 (added 12/12/14) Exhibit 70 (added 12/12/14) Exhibit 71 (added 12/12/14)
Exhibit 72 (added 12/12/14) Exhibit 73 (added 12/12/14) Exhibit 74 (added 12/12/14)
Exhibit 75 (added 12/12/14) Exhibit 76 (added 12/17/14) Exhibit 77 (added 12/17/14)
Exhibit 78 (added 12/17/14) Exhibit 79 (added 12/17/14) Exhibit 80 (added 12/17/14)
Exhibit 81 (added 12/17/14) Exhibit 82 (added 12/17/14) Exhibit 83 (added 12/17/14)
Exhibit 84 (added 12/17/14) Exhibit 85 (added 12/17/14) Exhibit 86 (added 12/17/14)
Exhibit 87 (added 12/17/14) Exhibit 88 (added 12/17/14) Exhibit 89 (added 12/17/14)
Exhibit 90 (added 12/17/14) Exhibit 91 (added 12/17/14) Exhibit 92 (added 12/17/14)
Exhibit 93 (added 12/17/14) Exhibit 94 (added 12/17/14) Hearing Examiner Orders
K. Bryant - Wetland Tesitmony City's Response YarrowBay Reply 1 of 3
YarrowBay Reply 2 of 3 YarrowBay Reply 2a of 3 YarrowBay Reply 2a1 of 3
YarrowBay Reply 2a2 of 3 YarrowBay Reply 2b1 of 3 YarrowBay Reply 2b2 of 3
YarrowBay Reply 3a1 of 3 YarrowBay Reply 3a2 of 3 YarrowBay Reply 3b1 of 3
YarrowBay Reply 3b2 of 3 YarrowBay Reply 3b3 of 3 Wetland Testimony Rebuttal
YarrowBay Wetland Response K. Bryant Rebuttal

Plat 2 C Hearing 12-11-15

PP2C Hearing

K. Bryant Request for Review    

Ecology approved/City adopted Shoreline Master Program amendment document, June 2014- Posted 06-20-14

The Villages MPD Phase 2 Preliminary Plat C (PLN13-0027 Drawings UPDATED – Posted 6-16-14

The Villages MPD Phase 2 Preliminary Plat C (PLN13-0027 Drawings – Posted 5-30-14

The Villages MPD Phase 2 Preliminary Plat C (PLN13-0027 Drawings – Posted 3-24-14

The Villages MPD Phase 2 Preliminary Plat C (PLN13-0027 Drawings - Posted 12-06-13

Hearing Examiner Decision on Appeal Hearing PUB13-0009 and PLN13-0015 - Posted 10-08-13

9/23/13 Appeal Hearing PLN13-0015

The Villages MPD Phase 1A Preliminary Plat (PLN11-0001) Short-Term Construction Noise Mitigation Plan - Posted 08-21-13

Hearing Examiner Decision (The Villages MPD Phase 1A Preliminary Plat & SEPA Appeal)-

Notice of Decision (PLN11-0001) -

Villiages Phase 1A Preliminary Plat - Applicant's Choice re Pedestrian Connection Across Rock Creek - Letter -

Staff Report Errata submitted 11-3-12 - Written comments from the public (including SEPA Appellants) on preliminary plat issues is due today (11/5) at 4:00 p.m..  Written comments may be delivered to Steve Pilcher at City Hall in lieu of email.  If you prefer to email please send your comments to Steve Pilcher  and Stacey Welsh at and - Posted 11-05-12

YarrowBay's Proposed Additional Preliminary Plat 1A Conditions- Posted 11-02-2012

Phase 1A Preliminary Plat Drawings.-

Pre-Hearing Order II - MDNS SEPA Appeal and Villages Preliminary Plat Phase 1A - Hearing Examiner Rules of Practice and Procedure -

Staff Report - The Villages MPD Phase 1A Preliminary Plat File No: PLN11-0001-

10/5/12 Pre-Hearing Audio

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