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Resolutions are agreements, proposals or documents that have been adopted by the City Council.
~If you would like information prior to 2005, please contact the City Clerk's office

Resolution No. 14-999 SEE Resolutions 2015 (this was adopted at the January 8, 2015 meeting).
Resolution No. 14-998 authorizing the Mayor to Execute a Consultant Agreement with AHBL, Inc for Part-Time Planning Services for the Community Development Department
Resolution No. 14-997 accepting Grant Funds from the Transportation Improvement Board for hte Roberts Drive, Rock Creek Bridge to Lynch Lane Project
Resolution No. 14-996 regarding Final Acceptance of the 2014 Roadway Grind and Patch Project
Resolution No. 14-995 confirming the Mayor's Appointment of Patricia Pepper to the Planning Commission Position No. 1
Resolution No. 14-994
authorizing Second Addendum to the Interlocal Agreement between the City of Auburn and the City of Black Diamond for IT Services
Resolution No. 14-993
authorizing Addendum to the Agreement for Police Services for Valley Communications for 2015
Resolution No. 14-992
authorizing  contract with Susan Drummond, PLLC
Resolution No. 14-991
authorizing Contract with BergerABAM
Resolution No. 14-990
adopting 2015 Stormwater Management Program Plan
Resolution No. 14-989
authorizing amended contract with Morris Law P.C. 
Resolution No. 14-988
authorizing a contract amendment with CH2M Hill to provide Professional Services in regards to the Service Area Boundary dispute with Covington Water District
Resolution No. 14-987
adopting a Capital Improvement Plan for the Years 2015-2020
Resolution No. 14-986
authorizing a contract with RH2 Engineering, Inc. for Preliminary Investigation and Engineering for the North Bank Artesian Spring Tap Project
Resolution No. 14-985
authorizing an agreement with LanguageLine Solutions for over the phone interpretation
Resolution No. 14-984
authorizing a First Addendum to the Consultant Services Contract with Parametrix for a MDRT Planner
Resolution No. 14-983 regarding changes to the By-laws and Interlocal Agreement with CIAW
Resolution No. 14-982 adopting Policy on Two Unpaid Holidays per Calendar Year
Resolution No. 14-981 authorizing Agreement with King County for use of AFIS
Resolution No. 14-980 authorizing Contract with Parametrix, Inc. for Rock Creek Bridge Engineering
Resolution No. 14-979 in Support of Public Health Services
Resolution No. 14-978 authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with RH2 - Public Works
Resolution No. 14-977 authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with HWA GeoSciences - MDRT
Resolution No. 14-976 authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Perteet - MDRT
Resolution No. 14-975 authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Henderson, Young & Company - MDRT
Resolution No. 14-974 authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with RH2 - MDRT
Resolution No. 14-973 authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Parametrix, Inc. for Traffic Engineering Services - MDRT
Resolution No. 14-972 authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Parametrix, Inc. for Surveying Services - MDRT
Resolution No. 14-971 authorizing the City Council to approve the Tough Mudder Special Event SEP14-0008
Resolution No. 14-970 authorizing an agreement for Jail Services with Yakima County
Resolution No. 14-969 (Died for lack of Motion) regarding moratoria AD Hoc Committee
Resolution No. 14-968 (Died for lack of Motion) authorizing the use of City Parks Funds to cover water costs for the Community Garden
Resolution No. 14-967 awarding low bid on the Abrams Avenue Safety Improvements Project to Peterson Brothers Inc.
Resolution No. 14-966 authorizing a contract with AHBL, Inc. for part-time Interim Planner for Community Development
Resolution No. 14-965 authorizing Final Contract Amendment with Ogden Murphy Wallace
Resolution No. 14-964 awarding R.W. Scott Construction Co. for low bid on the Lawson Street Sidewalk Improvement Project
Resolution No. 14-963 authorizing contract with Puget Paving & Construction for 2014 Roadway Grind and Patch Project
Resolution No. 14-962 approving consultant servcies agreement with Parametrix for MDRT Planner
Resolution No. 14-961 approving purchase of active shooter equipment (Pulled from Agenda)
Resolution No. 14-960 approving special event permit for LSCC 4th of July activities
Resolution No. 14-959 authorizing Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with King County for CBDG Program
Resolution No. 14-958 authorizing 2015-2020 Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan
Resolution No. 14-957
(Repealed)authorizing the Mayor and one(1) Finance Committee member to enter into contracts for goods and services
Resolution No. 14-956
amending current contract with RH2 to serve as the Civil Engineer to the MDRT
Resolution No. 14-955
amending current contract with Henderson, Young & Company to serve as the Ficscal Analysis Consultant to the MDRT
Resolution No. 14-954
amending current contract with Perteet to serve as the Environmental Consultant to the MDRT
Resolution No. 14-953
amending current contract with SubTerra to serve as the Geotechnical Consultant to the MDRT
Resolution No. 14-952
amending current contract with Parametrix, Inc. to serve as the Traffic Engineer Consultant to the MDRT
Resolution No. 14-951
amending current contract with Parametrix, Inc. to serve as the Survey Consultant to the MDRT
Resolution No. 14-950 authorizing the Mayor to execute a Severance Agreement with City Administrator Todd and termination of Investigation
Resolution No. 14-949 approving Second Addendum with Ogden, Murphy, Wallace
Resolution No. 14-948 revising Council Rules of Procedures in its entirety
Resolution No. 14-947 authorizing the Mayor to execute a Public Works Trust Fund Loan Application
Resolution No. 14-946 accepting required and recommended changes to Shorline Master Program
Resolution No. 14-945 regarding Bryant Public benefit Rating System (PBRS)
Resolution No. 14-944
accepting notice of the Mayor's request for Legal Representation
Resolution No. 14-943
repealing Resolution No. 08-559 (Pulled from Agenda)
Resolution No. 14-942
regarding Special Event Permit for Great Horror Campout
Resolution No. 14-941 authorizing the Mayor Pro-Tem to obtain an investigatory report regarding allegations of a hostile work environment and to execute a contract with an Investigator
Resolution No. 14-940 declaring certain City property as surplus
Resolution No. 14-939 authorizing contract with Severson's Building Maintenance for Janitorial Services
Resolution No. 14-938 accepting King County Parks Property Tax Levy Monies
Resolution No. 14-937 opposing a Ballot Measure by King County to Assess a $60 Vehicle Tab Fee and a 0.1% Sales and Use Tax on King County Residents
Resolution No. 14-936 authorizing the Mayor to execute a Professional Services Agreement with BergerABAM for the 2015 Comprehensive Plan Update
Resolution No. 14-935 adopting a General Government Facilities Mitigatin Fee Plan (First Reading, no Action taken)
Resolution No. 14-934 authorizing the Mayor to execute a Professional Services Agreement with Morris Law, P.C.
Resolution No. 14-933 appointing Carol Morris of Morris Law, P.C. as City Attorney; and confirming the Mayor's appointment
Resolution No. 14-932 confirming the Mayor's Appointments to Regional Committees
Resolution No. 14-931 confirming the Mayor's appointments to the Planning Commission
Resolution No. 14-930 approving Contract with Parametrix for Lawson Street Sidewalk Project
Resolution No. 14-929
confirming Mayor's Appointment of Vern Gibson to Black Diamond Community Center Board
Resolution No. 14-928
authorizing investing with Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP)
Resolution No. 14-927
authorizing contract with RH2 Engineering for 0.5 MG Water Tank Repainting
Resolution No. 14-926
authorizing a contract with Parametrix for the design of the North Commercial SR 169 Stormwater Treatment Facility Project
Resolution No. 14-925
confirming Mayor's Appointment to Council Standing Committees
Resolution No. 14-924 regarding Regional Stormwater Facility Proposed in the Draft Development Agreement between BD Village Partners, LP and King County
Resolution No. 14-923 repealing Resolution No. 14-920 re: Regional Stormwater Facility
Resolution No. 14-922 amending Section 2.4 of City Council Rules of Procedure - Relocating Town Hall Meetings
Resolution No. 14-921 appointing Stephen DiJulio as Interim City Attorney
Resolution No. 14-920 expressing the understanding and belief of the Council regarding the Regional Stormwater Facility proposed in the draft Development Agreement between BD Village Partners and LPBD Village Partners and King County
Resolution No. 14-919 authorizing an employment agreement with Christy Todd
Resolution No. 14-918 confirming Mayor's appointment of Christy Todd as City Administrator
Resolution No. 14-917 approving the 2014 Interagency Grant Agreement with KC Solid Waste divisions for the Spring 2014 recycling event
Resolution No. 14-916 authorizing a contract with Seattle-King County Department of Health for Grant monies from the Local Hazardous Waste Management Program
Resolution No. 14-915 authorizing a Memorandum of Understanding with Olympic Environmental Resources - 2014 Spring Recycling Event
Resolution No. 14-914 authorizing a contract with O'Brien, Barton & Hopkins, PLLP for Public Defense Services
Resolution No. 14-913 authorizing Addendum No. 1 to the Interlocal Agreement with the City of Auburn for IT Services
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