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Resolutions are agreements, proposals or documents that have been adopted by the City Council.
~If you would like information prior to 2005, please contact the City Clerk's office

Resolution No. 10-726 Authorizing Addendum to JAG Interlocal Agreement Regarding Jail Services
Resolution No. 10-725 Authorizing Fourth MOU to Police Collective Bargaining Agreement Regarding Health Plans
Resolution No. 10-724 Designating Official City Newspaper for 2011 - Postponed to January 6, 2011 Council meeting
Resolution No. 10-723 Authorizing Soil Removal from Railroad Avenue Street Project
Resolution No. 10-722 Authorizing Second Amendment to RH2 Agreement
Resolution No. 10-721 Authorizing MOU with Olympic Environmental for 2011 Recycling Event
Resolution No. 10-720 Confirming the Mayor's Appointment of Bill Bowman as Municipal Court Judge and Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement
Resolution No. 10-719 Authorizing Purchase of a New 2011 Chevrolet Tahoe Police Vehicle
Resolution No. 10-718 Authorizing Addendum to Police Services for 2011 with Valley Communications Center
Resolution No. 10-717 Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Parametrix for Development of Permitting Materials for Pemit Approval for the Boat Launch
Resolution No. 10-716 Authorizing Municipal Stormwater Capacity Grant Program
Resolution No. 10-715 Authorizing a Contract for Legal Services with Kenyon Disend, PLLC
Resolution No. 10-714 Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Parametrix for the Green Valley Road Traffic Calming Study
Resolution No. 10-713 Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Henderson, Young and Company for Development of Fire Impact Fees
Resolution No. 10-712 Authorizing First Amendment to Agreement for Hearing Examiner Services with Olbrechts and Associates, PLLC
Resolution No. 10-711 Authorizing an Assignment and Assumption Agreement with Ogden Murphy Wallace, PLLC
Resolution No. 10-710 Regarding Final Acceptance of the Railroad Avenue Improvements Project
Resolution No. 10-709 Adopting the Stormwater Management Plan
Resolution No. 10-708 Resolution failed due to lack of motion - Amending Council Rules Regarding Order of Business
Resolution No. 10-707 Authorizing a Small Public Works Contract with Best Parking Lot Cleaning, Inc. for Catch Basin Pumping Services
Resolution No. 10-706 Authorizing a Copier Lease Agreement with Witt Company for Police Department Copier
Resolution No. 10-705 Adoption of an Emergency Management Plan for the City of Black Diamond
Resolution No. 10-704 Adoption of the City's Storm and Surface Water Plan dated July 2010
Resolution No. 10-703 Authorizing Supplement No. 2 to the Contract with Gray & Osborne for Technical Engineering Assistance-Morgan Street Sidewalk Project
Resolution No. 10-702 Accepting the 232nd Overlay Projects as Complete
Resolution No. 10-701 Authorizing the Mayor to Execute a Contract with Parametrix for Transportation On-call Services
Resolution No. 10-700 Authorizing Additional Funding for Change Orders for the Railroad Avenue Street Improvement Project
Resolution No. 10-699 Accepting and Awarding the Low Bid on the Morgan Street Sidewalk Project to Scotty's General Construction, Inc.
Resolution No. 10-698 Amendment No. 1 to the Coordinated Prevention Grant Agreement
Resolution No. 10-697 Lease Agreement with ModSpace
Resolution No. 10-696 Supplement No. 5 to Hammond Collier Wade Livingstone for Project Management
Resolution No. 10-695 Establishing New Procedures for the MPD Closed Record Hearings
Resolution No. 10-694 Interlocal Agreement with King County for Animal Services
Resolution No. 10-693 Creating Position- Public Works Administrative Assistant
Resolution No. 10-692 Cabaret License for The Swinging Arm
Resolution No. 10-691 Qwest Agreement- Reimburse the City for Additional Storm Drainage Costs on the Morgan Street Sidewalk Phase II Project
Resolution No. 10-690 2011-2016 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
Resolution No. 10-689 2011-2016 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)
Resolution No. 10-688 Awarding Overlay Project for 232nd Avenue SE
Resolution No. 10-687 Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with RH2 Engineering for Capital Facility Charge Analysis for Water and Sewer
Resolution No. 10-686 Establishing a Date, Time and Place for Commencing a Closed Record Hearing on Lawson Hills MPD Application
Resolution No. 10-685 Establishing a Date, Time and Place for Commencing a Closed Record Hearing on The Villages MPD Application
Resolution No. 10-684 Amendment No. 1 to the Reimbursement Contract for EMS Service 2010
Resolution No. 10-683 Memorandum of Understanding to CBA-Direct Payroll Deposit
Resolution No. 10-682, Interlocal Agreement with King County for Jail Services
Resolution No. 10-681 , Relating to Video Taping of Council Meetings
Resolution No. 10-680 , Authorizing Amendment No. 6 to Parametrix EIS Contract
Resolution No. 10-679, Second MOU to the Collective Bargaining Agreement-Police Officers Association
Resolution No. 10-678, Professional Services Agreement-Christine Mill Architect-Police Station Restrooms
Resolution No. 10-677 Disapproving Recent Amendments-King County Planning Policies-Growth Targets
Resolution No. 10-676, Awarding Bid Alternate A-2 for Street Lights-Railroad Avenue Project
Resolution No. 10-675, Amendment No. 1- RH2 Engineering-Wastewater Storage Alternative
Resolution No. 10-674 Amendment No. 5 - Parametrix, Inc. -EIS Consulting
Resolution No. 10-673, Declaring Certain City Property as Surplus 2010
Resolution No. 10-672, Coordinated Prevention Grant Agreement-G1000441-Department of Ecology
Resolution No. 10-671, Interlocal Agreement-King County Solid Waste Division Grant D39898D
Resolution No. 10-670, Amendment #2 to Local Hazardous Waste Management Program-Contract #D37962D
Resolution No. 10-669, Supplement #4 to Hammond Collier Wade Livingstone-Railroad Avenue Project
Resolution No. 10-668, Gray & Osborne, Inc. Supplement No. 1
Resolution No. 10-667, J.R. Hayes & Sons - Railroad Avenue Bid Award
Resolution No. 10-666, RH2 Engineering Technical Services Agreement
Resolution No. 10-665, Amending Council Rules and Procedures
Resolution No. 10-664, Water Quality Sampling Services Agreement
Resolution No. 10-663 Kenyon Disend PLLC- Legal Services Agreement
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