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Resolutions are agreements, proposals or documents that have been adopted by the City Council.
~If you would like information prior to 2005, please contact the City Clerk's office

Resolution No. 08-567 Fuel Tax Grant Distribution Agreement - Phase II - Morgan Street Sidewalk Project
Resolution No. 08-566 Contract - Spillman Technologies- Records Management- BDPD
Resolution No. 08-565 Authorizing Purchase of 2002 Chevrolet Truck- Capital Facilities
Resolution No. 08-564 Granting Treasured Place Status- Cahill
Resolution No. 08-563 MOU - Olympic Environmental Resources - 2009 Recycling Event
Resolution No. 08-562 MOU- Puget Sound Energy - Powerful Choices Program
Resolution No. 08-561 Contract - King County - I-Net Services
Resolution No. 08-560 Fiscal Management Policies for 2009
Resolution No. 08-559 Purchases of Goods or Services
Resolution No. 08-558 Adding Fee to Fee Schedule to Offset Costs for Temporary Open for Business Signs
Resolution No. 08-557 Contract - Cascade Rifle and Pistol Club - Shooting Range Service
Resolution No. 08-556 Purchase of Two Police Dodge Charger Vehicles
Resolution No. 08-555 Contract Supplement -HCWL - Engineering Services- Railroad Avenue Improvement Project
Resolution No. 08-554 2nd Addendum -Amend ILA- Fire District 44
Resolution No. 08-553 2nd Addendum- PSA- Paramentrix- EIS
Resolution No. 08-552 Nestle - Property Access, Occupancy and Use Agreement
Resolution No. 08-551 Amendment 1- King County- Local Hazardous Waste Management Program
Resolution No. 08-550 Agreement - Moberly and Roberts - Prosecuting Attorney Services
Resolution No. 08-549 Amendment 1-PSA - PacWest Engineering
Resolution No. 08-548 Russell Cahill - Process of Discussion and Evaluation - TDRs
Resolution No. 08-547 Nestle Waters - Reimbursement Agreement
Resolution No. 08-546 PSA - Berk and Assoc. Amendment 1
Resolution No. 08-545 City Property as Surplus
Resolution No. 08-544 Protective Services Agreement - Brinks Security
Resolution No. 08-543 Modular Space Corportation - Lease Agreements
Resolution No. 08-542 ILA - King County - Fire Investigation Services
Resolution No. 08-541 Agreement - Okanogan County Jail
Resolution No. 08-540 Purchase Agreement - Plotter and GIS Software
Resolution No. 08-539 Services Agreement - Black Diamond Community Center
Resolution No. 08-538 Addendum - Service Contract - Jail Service City of Buckley
Resolution No. 08-537 Purchase of new Furnance - Dicks Heating and AC
Resolution No. 08-536 Awarding the Bid for a Half Mile Overlay of Lk Sawyer Road
Resolution No. 08-535 Withdraw Request for John Henry Mine Amendment - KC Comp Plan
Resolution No. 08-534 Commercial Services Agreement - Orkin Pesk Control
Resolution No. 08-533 Not in effect
Resolution No. 08-532 Amending the General Services Fee Schedule to Include Fees for Tree Removal Permits
Resolution No. 08-531A Approval of Six Year Transportation Improvement Program, 2009-2014
Resolution No. 08-531 Interlocal Cooperation Agreement - King County - CDBG Program 2009-2011
Resolution No. 08-530 TABLED
Resolution No. 08-529 Interlocal Agreement - Puget Sound Regional Council - (PSRC)
Resolution No. 08-528 Contract with Microflex, Inc.
Resolution No. 08-527 King County Grant Agreement- Lake Sawyer Boat Launch
Resolution No. 08-526 Amendment 1 to Purchase Agreement - O'Bryon and Associates
Resolution No. 08-525 Purchase of New Generator from EC Power Systems
Resolution No. 08-524 Contract - Bitco Software, LLC - Permit Tracking Software
Resolution No. 08-523 Revised Fee Schedule 2008 Binding Site Plan Fee
Resolution No. 08-522 PSA - Ogden, Murphy, Wallace PLLC- Hearing Examiner Services
Resolution No. 08-521 Lease for Real Property - Sorci Family, LLC
Resolution No. 08-520 Contract - Cascade Engineering Services, Inc. for PD
Resolution No. 08-519 Establishing a Small Works and Consulting Roster Utilitzing MRSC
Resolution No. 08-518 Amendment 6 to PSA - PacWest Engineering
Resolution No. 08-517 Purchasing Agreement - O'Bryon and Associates - Purchase of New Office Furniture
Resolution No. 08-516 Hiring of Fox Electric Company for Electric Work on Generator
Resolution No. 08-515 Authorizing Payoff of the 1973 Water Revenue Bonds
Resolution No. 08-514 Adopting General Services Fee Schedule and Including Title 27- Clearing and Grading
Resolution No. 08-513 Amendment 5 to PSA - PacWest Engineering
Resolution No. 08-512 2008 Water System Comp. Plan to the Washington State Department of Health
Resolution No. 08-511 Coordinated Prevention Grant Regular Cycle Agreement - Department of Ecology
Resolution No. 08-510 Special Property Tax Levy Agreement - King County
Resolution No. 08-509 2009 King County Community Development Block Grant Consortium Funding Application
Resolution No. 08-508 Latecomers Agreement with Black Diamond Development, LLC
Resolution No. 08-507 Accepting Furniture Donation
Resolution No. 08-506 Confirming Mayors Appointment of Jamey Kiblinger - Police Chief
Resolution No. 08-505 Confirming Mayors Appointment of Seth Boettcher - Public Works Director
Resolution No. 08-504 Confirming Mayors Appointment of Aaron Nix - Stewardship Director
Resolution No. 08-503 Approving the SWMP-Copy of Plan in Annual NPDES Phase II Permit Report to WA DOE
Resolution No. 08-502 Final Acceptance of the Water System Improvements Project Schedule A Work
Resolution No. 08-501 Preparation of the Critical Areas Ordinance- First Addendum- PSA - Parametrix, Inc.
Resolution No. 08-500 PSA - L.J. Craig and Associates - Commander Test
Resolution No. 08-499 Repealing Resolution No. 231 and Resolution No. 268 - Petty Cash Funds for City and Fire
Resolution No. 08-498 Purchase of Water Line Easements
Resolution No. 08-497 Amendment 4 - PSA - PacWest Engineering
Resolution No. 08-496 PSA - Parametrix - EIS Preparation
Resolution No. 08-495 Amendment 3 - PSA - Pacwest Engineering
Resolution No. 08-494 Agreement - Public Health Seattle and King County - Basic Life Support Services Reimbursement
Resolution No. 08-493 Memorandum of Understanding - King County Fire Districts 17 and 44
Resolution No. 08-492 Purchase of Three New Police Vehicles
Resolution No. 08-491 Accepting Bids, Awarding Bid and Authorizing the Purchase of Marine Patrol Boat
Resolution No. 08-490 Confirming Mayors Appointment of Steve Pilcher - Community Development Director
Resolution No. 08-489 Accepting the Lake Sawyer Park Development Concept Plan for Future Park Development
Resolution No. 08-488 Confirming Mayors Appointment of Steve Rosen - Municipal Court Judge- PSA Agreement
Resolution No. 08-487 PSA - Hammond Collier Wade Livingstone
Resolution No. 08-486 Regional Disaster Plan for Public and Private Organizations in King County
Resolution No. 08-485 Seattle-King County Department of Health Grant D37962D
Resolution No. 08-484 Amendment 2 - PSA - Pacwest Engineering
Resolution No. 08-483 Amendment 1 - PSA - Pacwest Engineering
Resolution No. 08-482 Adopting General Services Fee Schedule - Clearing and Grading Applications
Resolution No. 08-481 Purchase a Fire Hydrant Easement from Andy and Tracy Williamson
Resolution No. 08-480 Adopting the National Incident Management System (NIMS) for All Incident Management
Resolution No. 08-479 PSA - Building Official - Code Enforcement Services - C. Brown Consulting
Resolution No. 08-478 Public Defender Services - Cordi and Bejarano
Resolution No. 08-477 Amendment 3 - PSA - Jones and Stokes
Resolution No. 08-476 Department of Ecology Grant G0800380 for Local Government Stormwater Grants Program
Resolution No. 08-475 Interlocal Agreement - King County - Solid Waste Division Grant D36965D
Resolution No. 08-474 PSA - Weinman Consulting
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