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Resolutions are agreements, proposals or documents that have been adopted by the City Council.
~If you would like information prior to 2005, please contact the City Clerk's office

Resolution No. 12-846 Returning K-9 Donation from Save Black Diamond
Resolution No. 12-845 Authorizing 1 Year Extension of SCATBd Interlocal Agreement
Resolution No. 12-844 Authorizing Grant with Transportation Improvement Board for SE 288th Overlay Project
Resolution No. 12-843 Accepting the 2012 Roadway Grind, Patch and Crack Sealing Project
Resolution No. 12-842 Authorizing an Interlocal Agreement with Tiburon Interface
Resolution No. 12-841 Authorizing the First Addendum to Agreement for Prosecution Services - Kara Murphy Richards
Resolution No. 12-840 Authorizing Agreement with City of Enumclaw for Jail Services
Resolution No. 12-839 Authorizing Bill of Sale to Covington Water District
Resolution No. 12-838 Authorizing an Addendum to the Agreement for Police Service for Valley Communications for 2013
Resolution No. 12-837 Authorizing an Addendum to the On-Call Transportation Services Contract with Parametrix
Resolution No. 12-836 Authorizing the Fifth Memorandum of Understanding with the Black Diamond Police Officers Association Regarding Court Security
Resolution No. 12-835 Adopting the Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) 2012 / 2013 Update
Resolution No. 12-834 Confirming the Mayor's Appointment of Rachel Pitzel as the Director of Emergency Services for the City of Black Diamond
Resolution No. 12-833 Authorizing an Easement and Maintenance Agreement with the Covington Water District for Water System Work Performed at Fire Station 98
Resolution No. 12-832 Confirming Melanie Thomas Dane as Municipal Court Judge
Resolution No. 12-831 Awarding Contract for the Concrete Equipment Wash Pad Project
Resolution No. 12-830 Establishing a Policy for and Authorizing Acceptance of Donations for Support to the City of Black Diamond Police Department K-9 Unit (Save Black Diamond)
Resolution No. 12-829 Granting Preliminary approval of the Amended Shoreline Master Program and Forwarding to Dept. of Ecology for Review and Approval
Resolution No. 12-828 Authorizing a Contract with Roth Hill, LLC for the Design Engineering of the 5th Avenue Water Main Replacement Project
Resolution No. 12-827 Awarding a Construction Contract to Northwest Asphalt, Inc. for the 2012 Roadway Grind, Patch and Crack Sealing Project
Resolution No. 12-826 Declaring Certain City Equipment as Surplus
Resolution No. 12-825 Proposing Changing the form of Government (Replacing Resolution No. 12-824)
Resolution No. 12-824
Proposing Changing the Form of Government
Intent of Adopting an Initiative and Referendum Process
Resolution No. 12-823
Resolution No. 12-822 Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Parametrix for the Rock Creek Bridge Engineering Study
Resolution No. 12-821 Authorizing to Issue a Special Events Permit for Xterra Black Diamond 2012
Resolution No. 12-820 Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Parametrix to Serve as the Survey Consultant to the MDRT
Resolution No. 12-819 Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with SubTerra, Inc. to Serve as the Geotechnical Engineering Consultant to the MDRT
Resolution No. 12-818 Authorizing a Technical Services Agreement with King County WLRD for an Intergrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan
Resolution No. 12-817 Authrorizing Purchase of a Marine Vessel for Police
Resolution No. 12-816
Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Prothman Co. to Provide Interim City Administrator Services to the City of Black Diamond
Resolution No. 12-815
Approving Special Event for Lake Sawyer Community Club - Fourth of July Activities
Resolution No. 12-814
Accepting 2012 Winter Storm Debris Clean-up Project
Resolution No. 12-813
Awarding Roberts Drive Sidewalk Project to Scotty's General Construction, Inc.
Resolution No. 12-812
Accepting CDBG Funds for Watermain Replacement (Pulled from agenda to be brought back at another time)(Brought back and Passed at the July 9, 2012 meeting)
Resolution No. 12-811
Adopting the Six Year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP)
Resolution No. 12-810
Adopting the 2013-2018 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)
Resolution No. 12-809
Accepting a 4Culture Grant for the Reconstruction of the Existing Waterline that Feeds the Black Diamond Cemetery
Resolution No. 12-808 Initiating Two Potential Amendments to Comprehensive Plan
Resolution No. 12-807 Authorizing Modular Lease Agreements
Resolution No. 12-806 Authorizing Grant Application for Boat Launch
Resolution No. 12-805 Authorizing Interlocal Agreement for Animal Control
Resolution No. 12-804 Awarding the Low Bid on the 2012 Winter Storm Debris Cleanup Project to Reano Construction & Logging, Inc.
Resolution No. 12-803 Authorizing the Purchase of a Dump Truck for the Public Works Department
Resolution No. 12-802 Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Perteet, Inc. to Serve as the Wetland Consultant to the Master Development Review Team - MDRT
Resolution No. 12-801 Referring an Amendment to the Preliminary Plat Appeal Process of Title 18 of the BDMC to the Planning Commission for their recommendation
Resolution No. 12-800 Authorizing the Purchase of a 2012 Ford Escape for the Master Development Review Team - MDRT
Resolution No. 12-799 Approval of an Aquatic Lands Lease from the Department of Natural Resources to allow the City to operate and maintain the Lake Sawyer Boat Launch
Resolution No. 12-798 Approving a Washington State Military Department Public Assistance Grant for the January 2012 Severe Winter Storm Event
Resolution No. 12-797 Designating Various Staff the Authority to sign FEMA Funding Documents
Resolution No. 12-796 Authorizing an Agreement with the Department of Ecology for the acceptance of Grant Monies to be used towards the Development of an Intergated Aquatic Weeds Management Plan for Lake Sawyer
Resolution No. 12-795 Authorizing the Purchase of Two Special Service Vehicles for the Fire Department
Resolution No. 12-794 Declaring Certain City Property as Suplus
Resolution No. 12-793 Authorizing Professional Services Agreement with Henderson, Young & Company - MDRT
Resolution No. 12-792 Authorizing Professional Services Agreement with RH2 Engineering, Inc. - MDRT
Resolution No. 12-791 Authorizing Professional Services Agreement with Parametrix - MDRT
Resolution No. 12-790 Authorizing Lease Agreement with the Black Diamond Historical Society
Resolution No. 12-789 Authorizing Amendment No. 1 to Stormwater Grant Agreement G110019
Resolution No. 12-788 Expressing the Intent of the Council to Support County Wide Planning Policies Imposing Limitations on Construction of Urban Public Schools on Rural Lands
Resolution No. 12-787 Authorizing Purchase of a Kohler 25KW Standby Generator, for the Police Station
Resolution No. 12-786 Amending Council Rules and Procedures for Town Hall Meetings
Resolution No. 12-785 Accepting Additional Grant Funds from the Department of Ecology for the Update of the Shoreline Master Program
Resolution No. 12-784 Approving the Tough Mudder Special Permit SEP11-0014
Resolution No. 12-783 Rejecting the Petition for Formation of Community Facilities District (CFD) No. 2011-1
Resolution No. 12-782 Contract with Parametrix for On-Call Surveying Services
Resolution No. 12-781 Memorandum of Understanding with Olympic Environmental Resources for the 2012 Special Recycling Event
Resolution No. 12-780 Interlocal Agreement with King County and Accepting a Solid Waste Division Grant #529820 for the 2012-2013 Special Recycling Event
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