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Resolutions are agreements, proposals or documents that have been adopted by the City Council.
~If you would like information prior to 2005, please contact the City Clerk's office

Resolution No. 09-662 Conservation Agreements-BD Partners
Resolution No. 09-661 Memorandum of Understanding - Olympic Environmental Resources-2010 Recycle Event
Resolution No. 09-660 Public Safety Testing, Inc. Three Year Contract-Black Diamond Police Department
Resolution No. 09-659 Voice of the Valley-2010 Official Newspaper
Resolution No. 09-658 Supplement #3 to Railroad Avenue Street Improvement Project-HCWL
Resolution No. 09-657 Emergency Interim Contract-Yvonne Ward, LLC
Resolution No. 09-656 Memorandum of Understanding-Puget Sound Energy-Powerful Choices
Resolution No. 09-655 Maple Valley Agreement for Use of Portable Vehicle Scales
Resolution No. 09-654 McPherson Law Group-Public Defense Services
Resolution No. 09-653 Capital Improvement Plan 2009-2014
Resolution No. 09-652 Appointment of Steve Rosen as Municipal Court Judge
Resolution No. 09-651 Court and Jury Room Remodel Project as Complete
Resolution No. 09-650 Interlocal Agreement for the South East KC Commuter Rail Transit Centers
Resolution No. 09-649 Memorandum of Understanding - Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) Feasibility and Planning Study
Resolution No. 09-648 Addendem Agreement for Police Service with Valley Communications-2010
Resolution No. 09-647 Metal Storage Building Re-Roof as Complete
Resolution No. 09-646 Public Works to Repair the Lawson Street Intersection on Newcastle Drive
Resolution No. 09-645 Grant Agreement with the Department of Ecology for Phase II Stormwater Permit
Resolution No. 09-644 Amendment "B" to the Agreement with State of WA. Military Management Division
Resolution No. 09-643 Amendment "A" to the Agreement with State of WA. Military Mangement Division
Resolution No. 09-642, Confirming the Mayor's Appointment of Leonard Smith as City Administrator
Resolution No. 09-641, Transmittal Notice of Intention to King County Boundary Review Board- East Annexation
Resolution No. 09-640, Transmittal Notice of Intention to King County Boundary Review Board-South Annexation
Resolution No. 09-639, Fourth Addendum to Professional Services Agreement- Parametrix
Resolution No. 09-638, Authorizing the Police Department to Purchase L Scan Guardian Livescan System
Resolution No. 09-637 Accepting Justice Assistance Grant
Resolution No. 09-636, Declaring a 1985 Dodge Ram as Surplus Property to the Needs of the City
Resolution No. 09-635, Professional Services Agreement with AHBL, Inc. -Update to Shoreline Master Program
ResolutionNo. 09-634, Water Comprehensive Plan (See Ordinance No. 09-929)
Resolution No. 09-633, Final Acceptance of In-City Forest Water Transmission Replacement Project
Resolution No. 09-632, Updating Fee Schedule to Include Passport and Park Permit Fees
Resolution No. 09-631, Accepting Waterline Project as Complete
Resolution No. 09-630, Purchase and Sale Agreement for Parkin Property Right-of-Way
Resolution No. 09-629, East Pre-Annexation Petition
Resolution No. 09-628, South Pre-Annexation Petition
Resolution No. 09-627, East Pre-Annexation Development Agreement
Resolution No. 09-626, South Pre-Annexation Development Agreement
Resolution No. 09-625, Parametrix Contract for Technical Review Assistance of MPD Applications
Resolution No. 09-624, PacWest Contract for Technical Review Assistance of MPD Applications
Resolution No. 09-623, All Purpose Structures Contract for Warehouse Roof Replacement
Resolution No. 09-622, Gray & Osborne Contract for Morgan Street Sidewalk Project
Resolution No. 09-621, Grant Agreement with King County for Morgan Street Sidewalk Project
Resolution No. 09-620, Jail Advisory Group Property Proceeds Agreement
Resolution No. 09-619, Addendum #1 to PSA with Parametrix- In City Forest Watermain Replacement Project
Resolution No. 09-618, Public Works Contract- Johansen Excavating- In City Forest Watermain Replacement
Resolution No. 09-617, Interlocal Agreement with King County- Flood Control District
Resolution No. 09-616, Grant Funds from Dept. of Ecology- Shoreline Master Program
Resolution No. 09-615, Playground Equipment for Eagle Creek Park- Miracle Recreation Equipment Company
Resolution No. 09-614, Contract with United Pipe and Supply - Meter Reading System
Resolution No. 09-613, Finance Software - Visions Municipal Solutions, LLC
Resolution No. 09-612, Railroad Avenue Project as Completed- Increase in Final Change Order #3
Resolution No. 09-611, Six Year Transportation Improvement Program 2010 - 2015
Resolution No. 09-610, Temporary Sign Code Suspension
Resolution No. 09-609, Void
Resolution No. 09-608, Support for Lake Sawyer Foundation
Resolution No. 09-607, AICP Planner Assistance of MPD Applications - SRI Tecnologies, Inc.
Resolution No. 09-606, Pulled from Agenda
Resolution No. 09-605, Second Supplement to PSA - Railroad Avenue Street Improvement Project
Resolution No. 09-604, Engineering Services - In-City Forest Watermain Replacement Project
Resolution No. 09-603, Amending the City's Official Fee Schedule
Resolution No. 09-602, Update on the Transportation Element of the Draft Comprehensive Plan
Resolution No. 09-601, Construction of a Pervious Parking Lot System at the Lake Sawyer Boat Launch
Resolution No. 09-600, Memorandum of Understanding- Black Diamond Police Association
Resolution No. 09-599, Amendment #1 to PSA with PacWest for Sewer Comprehensive Plan Update
Resolution No. 09-598, Establishing Council Rules and Procedures
Resolution No. 09-597, Contract with Seattle King County Public Health for Reimbursement of EMS Services 2009
Resolution No. 09-596, Updating Fee Schedule
Resolution No. 09-595, Accepting King Conservation District Grant Funds for Lake Sawyer Boat Launch
Resolution No. 09-594, Consulting Agreement-Apex Engineering for EIS- Morgan Kame Terrace Mine Expansion
Resolution No. 09-593, Establishing Identity Theft Prevention Program
Resolution No. 09-592, Declaring Certain City Property Surplus
Resolution No. 09-591, Lawson Hills MPD Pre-Application Agreement
Resolution No. 09-590, Villages MPD Pre-Application Agreement
Resolution No. 09-589, First Amendment to Funding Agreement with YarrowBay
Resolution No. 09-588, Accepting Debit and Credit Card Payments
Resolution No. 09-587, Development of Non-Motorized Transportation and Trail Planning-Beckwith Consulting
Resolution No. 09-586, STM Construction - Court Remodel
Resolution No. 09-585, Parametrix Contract - Contaminated Soils
Resolution No. 09-584 FEMA Grant
Resolution No. 09-583, Collective Bargaining Agreement with Black Diamond Police Officers Association
Resolution No. 09-582, Amendment #7 to PacWest PSA Regarding Financial Impact - Nestle
Resolution No. 09-581, Updates to General Fee Schedule- Housekeeping and Master Planned Development
Resolution No. 09-580, Addendum #3 to EIS Contract with Parametrix, Inc.
Resolution No. 09-579, Office Space at Black Diamond Police Dept. for Community Corrections Officer
Resolution No. 09-578 Electronic Collision and Ticket Online Records System
Resolution No. 09-577, Interlocal Agreement - South County Area Transportation Board
Resolution No. 09-576, Surveying, Project Management and Inspection Services- PacWest
Resolution No. 09-575, Planning Services-Update to Sewer Comprehensive Plan- PacWest
Resolution No. 09-574, Watermain Replacement for Railroad Avenue - SLEAD, LLC
Resolution No. 09-573, Continued Water Monitoring Services - Dept. of Natural Resources and Parks
Resolution No. 09-572, Emergency Repairs - Pivetta Brothers
Resolution No. 09-571, Emergency Storm Proclamation
Resolution No. 09-570, Dispatch Services - Valley Communications
Resolution No. 09-569, Detour Agreement - Washington State Department of Transportation
Resolution No. 09-568, 2009 Official City Newspaper - Voice of the Valley
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