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Ordinances are "codes" adopted by City Council that will reflect the laws that are set forth in the Black Diamond Municipal Code.
~If you would like information prior to 2005, please contact the City Clerk's office

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  Ordinance No. 20-1155 Amending the 2020 Budget  
  Ordinance No. 20-1154 Adopting Budget for Calendar Year 2021  
  Ordinance No. 20-1153 Adopting Total Property Tax Dollars for 2021 Budget  
  Ordinance No. 20-1152 Adopting Percentage Property Tax Increase for 2021  
  Ordinance No. 20-1151 Adopting Revised 2020 Salary Schedule  
  Ordinance No. 20-1150 Amending BDMC Chapter 15.24, Flood Damage Prevention Code; Providing for Severability; and Establishing an Effective Date.  
  Ordinance No. 20-1149 Ordinance Amending 2020 Salary Schedule to Add the Senior Planner as a Funded Position  
  Ordinance No. 20-1148 Amending BDMC Section 8.24.220 Relating to Moorage and Anchorage Restrictions on Lake Sawyer  
  Ordinance No. 20-1147 Adopting School Impact Fees  
  Ordinance No. 20-1146 Establishing a School Impact Fee Program  
  Ordinance No. 20-1145 Emergency Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Adopt School District Capital Facility Plans  
  Ordinance No. 20-1144 Amending Chapter 6.04 of the BDMC Entitled "County Animal Control Ordinance Adopted"  
  Ordinance No. 20-1143 Amending the Non-Exclusive, Twenty-Year Water System Franchise with the City of Tacoma  
  Ordinance No. 20-1142 Amending Section 2.04.010 of the Black Diamond Municipal Code to Authorize Virtual Council Meetings During Emergencies  
  Ordinance No. 20-1141 Amending Black Diamond Municipal Code 10.10.010 to Provide for Handicap Parking on SE 312th Street  
  Ordinance No. 20-1140 Adding a New Subsection to Chapter 8.16 for the Municipal Code Relating to Construction Activity During the COVID-19 Pandemic  
  Ordinance No. 20-1139 Granting to the City of Tacoma a Non-Exclusive Franchise to Construct, maintain, Operate, Replace and Repair a Water System within Public Rights-of-Way of the City  
  Ordinance No. 20-1138 Accepting the Donation of Property on Railroad Avenue for Historical Preservation Purposes  
  Ordinance No. 20-1137 Amending the 2020 Salary Schedule as Adopted by Ordinance No. 19-1134 to Reflect the Newly Adopted Black Diamond Police Officers Collective Bargaining Agreement  
  Ordinance No. 20-1136 Repealing and Adding a Chapter to the Municipal Code Relating to Paring; Amending Related Code Sections Concerning Civil Penalties and Impoundment of Vehicles